June 21, 2024
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Claiming My Reproductive Health Rights…..I am a woman too!

Korogocho Health Centre in Nairobi County  received a donation of medical equipment that would help deliver quality reproductive health services to women living with disability on 21st  February 2016.
Speaking during a handing over ceremony Jane Nekesa, a mother of two living with disability narrated her tribulations as a woman living with disability and how it was difficult for her to access reproductive health services during delivery.”I was so scared about my condition and how I would deliver my babies in hospital given that there are no specialized beds for people living with disability.

The beds at the health centre were high and could only serve normal women without disability effectively. All my children I gave birth through the assistance of a Traditional Birth Assistant (TBA ) here in Korogocho. I plan to get more children and I am glad that this health centre has received a boost in beds that can be adjusted to a level which a woman with disability can use with ease. Thanks to the donors and County Government who have seen this need among women living with disability.”She appreciated.
Nekesa called upon other people to appreciate the fact that people living with disability need care and support and especially women who are viewed that they cannot give birth to children.”Our bodies function just like any other; we have conjugal needs like any human being.”She said.

“We used to have a challenge of women with disability when it came to delivery. The beds were high for them and now we have special beds that can be adjusted.This will attract more women living with disability to access maternity services in the facility”. . Emily Mamba, Nurse , Korogocho Dispensary

Delivery bed

“We now have beds specially designed to help women with disability deliver with ease; the bed is adjustable and therefore fit for any woman with any kind of disability. This donation has been made possible by Nairobi County, EU, Handicap international and other stakeholders.” Dr.Juma Sindani, Sub-County Medical Officer of Health
We need to understand that people living with disability have equal rights to access services like health in a good manner. Simple adjustments like ramps in health facilities and beds which can be adjusted will come very handy for women living with disability during delivery

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