May 29, 2024
Rethinking Social Justice through gender and disability justice


Mildred Omino is the author of equity-voice blog. She is a Kenyan Gender and Disability Rights Activist who writes on social justice from the perspectives of gender justice and disability justice.
Her disability resulted from post-polio paralysis which rendered her lower limbs paralyzed. The blog is inspired by her professional and lived experiences as a woman with a disability and those of her peers as they try to fit in a Society that is designed for “normal” with ableist systems that hinder full and effective participation of persons with disabilities in all spheres of life.
She is a Global Atlantic Fellow for Health Equity with a fellowship focus on reproductive health equity for girls and women with disabilities. She envisions a world where Girls/Women with disabilities fully enjoy their rights and thrive in all their endeavors and aspirations.
She is an alumnus of Freidrich Ebert’ (FES) Political Leadership and Governance Programme (PLGP), Creating Resources for Empowerment and Actions’ (CREA) Feminist Leadership Movement Building and Rights Institute(FLAMBRI) East Africa and Disability Sexuality Rights Online Institute(DSROI). She is also an alumni of the Centre for Reproductive Rights Program titled “Reproductive Rights as Human Rights”.



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