June 21, 2024
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Peace Building in Society: Should Women with Disabilities be Involved?

Sustainable peace requires the inclusion of all groups affected by conflict at all stages.  Numerous issues affect women and girls with disabilities disproportionately when compared to men with disabilities and women without disabilities, including health, education, employment, violence, family rights, marriage, housing, and participation in public life, all of which are exacerbated by war.


Gender stereotyping and the double discrimination women with disabilities face because of both their gender and their disability have a dramatic impact on their lives.  War and conflict increase the incidence of disability for women in general.  In addition, women with disabilities often develop additional or more severe disabilities as a result of war and conflict.  Women with disabilities experience higher rates of gender-based and other forms of violence during the conflict, all of which may result in increased HIV infection and psychological trauma.


Refugee camps are particularly problematic for women with disabilities because of violence, lack of support systems, and facilities and services that are rarely accessible and are not designed to meet their specific needs.  Justice and post-conflict reconciliation activities generally do not include them, do not address their concerns and are inaccessible.  Although limited data on the situation of women with disabilities exists, there is a clear need for more detailed, standardized and dis aggregated data on the issues discussed to more effectively address them.

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  • Yes we should having disability does nt make us not to be active in the society we r human being like an other.let pple nt seen disabily obstacle we r able

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