June 21, 2024
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August General Elections in Kenya : Representation of Persons with Disabilities

On 8th August Kenyans elected leaders to represent them both at  National level and County Level. The general elections present an opportunity for Kenyans to elect six leaders including the President,Member of National Assembly, Member of County Assembly,Senator,Governor and Woman Member to the National Assembly.

The Constitution of Kenya 2010 provides an opportunity for minority and special interest groups to be nominated to the senate,national assembly and county assemblies. For the first time in history of Kenya a Woman with disability was elected as a Woman  Member to the National Assembly to represent Kajiado County.This is a remarkable progress towards representation of persons with disabilities noting a shift from the assumption that persons with disabilities should seek nomination slots. A few other persons with disabilities were elected in various positions in national assembly and County assemblies.

Regardless of the positive stories that emanated from the just concluded general elections ,persons with disabilities in Kenya were aggrieved when some nominees with disabilities  were replaced with those without disabilities and in some instances nominees without disabilities took the positions for persons with disabilities.The matter is in court for further direction with a hope that justice will prevail.

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